Pastor Appreciation Month Comments

Pastor Appreciation Month Comments

My dear friends,
I want to thank each of you who sent me a card for Pastor Appreciation Month.  Each one was very touching and encouraging.  I also got a nice card from the members of our church staff with some nice comments.  Thanks!

The other day I was reading another pastor reflecting on how pastors can feel appreciated (or not!), and I want to share what he had to say.

While I can’t speak for every pastor, here is what makes me feel the most appreciated: Faithful participation in the life of the church. For me, nothing can be quite as emotionally deflating as working hard all week, then getting to church on Sunday to discover that a high percentage of my flock is at the beach, on the boat, in the mountains, on the golf course, at the soccer game, or just sleeping in. And nothing can be quite as encouraging as working hard all week, and getting to church to see a faithful congregation of believers who have gathered to worship God.

Early in my ministry, I suppose I took it for granted that church members would be fairly faithful, especially in worship and Bible study. Now, even among historically devoted church members, participation in the life of the church is too often determined by convenience than by conviction and commitment.

This is Pastor Appreciation Month. Your pastor will appreciate your cards and notes, and jams and jellies. But if you really want your pastor to feel appreciated, be an active and faithful participant in your spiritual community. When I witness someone get connected and engaged in the synergy of God’s mission through the church, as a pastor, that makes my day.  ("If You Really Want to Make Your Pastor's Day, by Barry Howard)

God bless you!  See you Sunday!